Application form

Please read the information below before starting your application form.

Apply online

Please apply to one office only for both summer scheme and training contract applications.

If you are applying for a summer scheme, please make your application to the office in which you wish to complete your training contract.

If you have not met our academic standards and do not have any mitigating circumstances or significant work experience from a previous career, your application will not be considered.

Whilst completing the form we recommend you save your information regularly and review the form carefully before submitting it.

We do not screen applications until after the specified closing dates. We will contact all applicants after the deadline to inform them of the outcome of their application.

Providing your academic history

  • For the secondary education section, please provide full details of ALL subjects studied and examinations taken at GCSE/A Level/AS/A2/Standard/Highers; or equivalent qualifications.
  • For the college/university education section, please provide a full breakdown of all modules studied (as a percentage), and individual grades achieved at degree level or equivalent; and where applicable for GDL and LPC for each module. Please indicate where any resits have been necessary, giving both sets of results.
  • If you fail to provide a full breakdown of your marks for all courses your application will not be considered.
  • It is imperative that, when completing the 'Education' section of the application form, you refer to your official examination results and degree transcript(s). Where academic results have been provided from memory, we will not accept this as an excuse for any errors made.
  • You will be asked to provide ALL copies of GCSE/A Level/AS/A2/Standard/Highers transcripts; or equivalent results and ALL copies of any degree, GDL and LPC transcripts, during the recruitment process (you are likely to be asked to provide these at the first round assessment stage). Failure to provide these when required will prevent your application from being taken any further.
  • Any misrepresentation of academic grades, or omission to disclose any academic grades may result in the cancellation of your application.


Please note that we will not approach referees until an offer of a training contract has been made.  We do not accept references from an employer where you have undertaken a work placement or open day. Therefore, please only include details of someone that you have worked with in paid employment. Alternatively, you could give a personal referee who has known you for a number of years.

We do not accept CV applications. However, if you have a specific reason why you are unable to complete an online application, or if you require any additional support in completing the application form, then please contact